NP205 VSS Conversion Kit


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One of our most requested products, the Behemoth Drivetrain NP205 Conversion Kit is a simple, bolt on solution, for getting VSS signaling from your NP205.

What are the benefits of the VSS Conversion? First off, no more machining stock housings and paying core charges. This kit puts the tone ring and sensor on the yoke, and in the 5 bolt retainer of the rear output. This gives you a simple, bolt on solution, for getting VSS signaling from your NP205.
In addition, the Behemoth VSS Conversion Kit allows you to retain function of your mechanical speedometer cable.
This kit will work with Ford, GM, and Dodge with bolt on rear output yokes, fitting a standard size 2.125” yoke seal.
Please note – this kit does NOT work with a slip yoke.
The NP205 VSS Conversion Kit Includes:
* NP205 Billet Aluminum 5 Bolt Retainer
* 40 PPR Tone Ring
* 5 Hardened Socket Head Mounting Bolts
* Available separately: Sealing Gasket for rebuilds
Install Instructions:
1. Thread sensor in all the way. Be sure it has the oring on it for sealing.
2. Install yoke seal until it just contacts the sensor. Do not install it too far, or it may damage sensor.
3. Grease the inside of the yoke seal, then push the yoke through the seal.
4. Install the tone ring onto the yoke. Make sure the tone ring is just below flush, so that it cannot contact the bearing. Tighten set screw in tone ring.
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm
With/Without Shifter

Shift Kit Only, Shift Kit with Single Stick Cable Shifter