Dana 300 Colossus Case
Dana 300 Colossus Case
Dana 300 Colossus Case

Dana 300 Colossus Case

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The Dana 300 has proven to be a reliable and popular transfer case choice for many off road enthusiast. With many aftermarket upgrades and support, we're certain the Dana 300 will be around for a long time to come. 

One downfall to the Dana 300 is the original cast housing. Once the engine, transmission, axles, and transfer case output shafts have been upgraded, the D300's cast housing becomes the weak link. A quick web search will yield several pictures of broken housings. 

The Dana 300 Colossus Case is the end-all answer. Made from a solid 6061 aluminum block, it is lighter and stronger than the original housing. Add to that nearly endless clocking, built-in "Twin-Stick" shift mechanism, and the ability to be assembled either right or left hand drop, and you have one answer to all your transfer case questions... The Colossus Case. 

Fits stock gears and shafts, or upgrade it with JB Conversions 4:1 LoMax gears and HD output shafts. 

Seals with a rubber gasket, no messy RTV. 

Need a 4 speed D300 Colossus? No problem. Easily add a Strong Box or D300 Strong Box Shorty. 

Includes: billet main housing, billet housing cover, installed shift mechanisms, partially installed shift forks (some minor assembly required), front output retainer / cover, and all necessary hardware. 

Cable shifters available separately. 

Install your own internals, or contact us about purchasing a D300 Colossus complete with internals installed. 

DIY Kit typically ships within 30 days from order.